The Thomasian Philosophers: Benchmarking Excellence for Academic Philosophy in the Philippines

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Undergraduate Faculty


Romualdo E. Abulad, SVD, PhD - Associate Professorial Lecturer (on leave)

AB (Santo Tomas), MA (Ateneo de Manila), PhD (Santo Tomas)

Immanuel Kant, Continental Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy, Postmodernism


Jove Jim S. Aguas, PhD - Associate Professor

AB, PhLMA, PhD (Santo Tomas)

Karol Wojtyla, Martin Buber, Existential Phenomenology


Fleurdeliz R. Altez, MA - Instructor

AB, MA (Santo Tomas)

Emmanuel Levinas, Personalism, Existential Phenomenology


Marc Aldous C. Baccay, PhL - Instructor

AB, PhL, MA Cand. (Santo Tomas)

Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Albert Camus, Existentialism


Emmanuel Batoon, MA - Assistant Professor

AB, PhL, MA (Santo Tomas)

Max Scheler, Social Theory


Paolo A. Bolaņos, MA - Instructor (on leave)

AB, MA (Santo Tomas), MA (Brock), PhD Cand. (Macquarie)

Friedrich Nietzsche, Gilles Deleuze, Theodor Adorno, Critical Theory, Continental Philosophy


Alfredo P. Co, PhD - Professor

AB, MA, PhD (Santo Tomas)

Chinese Philosophy, Indian Philosophy, Political Philosophy, East-West Postmodern debate


El Mithra M. de la Cruz, PhD - Associate Professorial Lecturer

AB, MA, PhD (Santo Tomas)

Sri Aurobindo Ghose, Indian Philosophy, Political Philosophy


Emmanuel V. Galang, PhD - Associate Professor (on leave)

AB, MA, PhD (Santo Tomas)

Logic, Semantics, Cosmology


Emerito C. Gonzales, PhL - Assistant Professor

AB, PhL, MA Cand. (Santo Tomas)

Max Scheler, Moral Philosophy


Florentino H. Hornedo, PhD - Associate Professorial Lecturer

AB (Santo Tomas), MA (St. Louis), PhD (Santo Tomas)

Philosophy of History, Phenomenology, Structuralism, Cultural Studies


Robert A. Montaņa, MBA - Assistant Professor

AB (Adamson), MBA (Santo Tomas)

Political Philosophy, Thomistic Philosophy, Business Ethics


Rogelio Obusan, MHist - Assistant Professor

AB, MHist (Santo Tomas)

Latin, Spanish, Moral Philosophy


Josephine A. Pasricha, PhD - Associate Professorial Lecturer

AB, MA, PhD (Santo Tomas)

Advanced Aesthetics, Indian Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Feminism


Reynaldo A. Reyes, MA - Associate Professor

AB (Sto. Domingo), MA (Santo Tomas)

Thomas Aquinas, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Logic, Medieval Philosophy


Michael Anthony C. Vasco, PhD - Professor (Coordinator for Graduate Studies)

AB, MA, PhD (Santo Tomas)

Nagarjuna, Buddhism, Continental Philosophy, Existentialism, Postmodernism


Magdalena A. Villaba, PhD - Emeritus

AB, MA, PhD (Santo Tomas)

Indian Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy